A Stark Reminder

  1. Targeting a nearby and familiar town, the heroes Teleport and use Ashreal‘s magic Wind at Back to rush to the borders of the Grandwood.
  2. Arriving on the outskirts of the massive wood, Ashreal leads the heroes deep within the forest where they meet one of Gwydiesin‘s agents; a pixie that introduces itself and leads them on a break-neck pace to Gwydiesin‘s grove where the powerful bard awaits them.
  3. There, Griften is re-united with an old acquaintance; Cyndr, though now horribly changed, and Gwydiesin recaps all that has transpired in recent weeks.
  4. Cyndr, now changed – dark and sullen holds firmly in his grasp, the dread artifact Hunger.
  5. Assuring the heroes that wielding the sword is one of the only ways to keep it from calling out, and that Cyndr‘s lineage makes him the only one who can bear its evil, so long as he is protected… from the sword and himself.
  6. Gwydiesin tells the heroes all about the Ba’atanna’ari Codex and Griften‘s role in it, but specifics elude everyone, even Gwydiesin.
  7. As if pre-destined, the trees part in a crashing thunder and TryiokKing of the Death Knights invades the Grove, surely looking to claim Hunger for his own.
  8. Caught by surprise, the heroes and others gathered in the grove engaged the Saint of Evil, summoning every power at their disposal.
  9. The combined force of strength, steel, and Gwydiesin‘s epic magic force the Chosen of Thasmudyan to retreat
  10. The heroes, startled and now fully aware of the gravity of Cyndr‘s situation, thank Gwydiesin for his help.
  11. Callimar offers to stay and help protect Cyndr with Gwydiesin and Dextar.
  12. The heroes promise to return once they rescue Talen and Tiemel who were abducted by the Drow in Ferrenan‘s Castle, since Talen is uniquely suited for guarding Hunger.

With a new sense of urgency, the heroes quickly decide to go right after Talen & Tiemel, teleporting to where Griften last scried S’Thiss who was investigating the abduction.

Author: Eric