Aegeus: The History

Here are my thoughts.

I’m a Human Aasimar (Holy One) whose father is the Cat Lord (Don’t ask why I was just reading the Saga of the Old City at the time and I thought it was cool!) – that’s my One Unique Thing.

Raised as a simple farmer (I have a real mother and father), my parents knew that something was special with me, so they took me to a local temple, where because of my physical gifts and natural healing abilities, I was prescribed to an order of paladins dedicated to the great wyrm. +2 relationship. There, I started to have visions of a Halfling Abomination hailing from a different world – I believe that I am to be his protector.

As an Aasimar, I have been noticed by several “Bad Guys” but to tie my character to Joe’s Necromancer, let’s say I have a negative relationship with the Lich King as well.

Author: Sanj