After you set up in position to take down the remaining gnoll and shoosuva, the fight was bloody, but quick. While both opponents displayed unmatched savagery, they could not withstand the ambush upon their return from the pocket dimensions from which they were sent.

After searching the remains of the wrecked building, you came across a small enclosure that had 5 prisoners in it. It still seemed strange; gnolls taking prisoners was unheard of. Even if these gnolls were somehow under the control of the cambion Aramek, why keep prisoners…?

You quickly released them from their bonds: two young girls, 2 middle-aged women, and one elderly matriarch. The latter was in bad shape; the younger women explained how she had thrown herself in front of her charges and suffered a grievous blow as a result. It didn’t look like she was going to make it…

As you saw to them, it quickly came out through conversation just who these people were. Swearing you to silence, one of the caretakers, Atta, revealed that the young girls were Janya and Dalilah, the Grand Caliph’s only daughters. If Aramek was truly working for the Brotherhood of True Flame, then it meant that organization was now taking direct action against the Golden Throne.

As you were deciding what to do, you noticed Kal standing off from the group, staring off into the distance. When you approached him to contribute to the plan about how to get the people back home, he responded “That isn’t my concern. I’m not sure how I came to be here, but I am neglecting my duty…I must return to Ysawis. I must return to Zoraya.”

You all exchanged looks. “Kal, what do you mea…”

“Why do you call me that? Call me by my name.”

“…and, what is your name?”


Author: Eric