Attack Aftermath

Yarrell (Jonas):

I am thankful for saving me down there. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be standing here. I’ve heard of you all. The heroes of Hildebrande correct? Excellent work in Eldolan I might add. To be able to witness the greatness first hand… well, it looks like I’ll be singing first about this tale with the Stone Thief. Now then… What say you? Will you help bring this relic to the Priestess?

Yarrell looks over to Puki, “I would love to make your acquaintance to the Priestess. She would love to meet you all.”

It’s not like Greenwell was some sort of important village, but… it was nice. Filled with really nice people. And a peaceful way of life. The kind of place it might be nice to retire to.

But now…nothing. And for what? You looked over at the windmill, still on its side…what did the Stone Thief want with it?

Gods, what did the Stone Thief want with ANYTHING?

You survived…that’s surely an accomplishment. You wondered who else had, and what insights they might have to offer…

Then you thought about the good people of Greenwell again…and how they DIDN’T get out. Taken as slaves, or worse…

You turned to your new companion Yaarel. He explains what he was doing in Greenwell:
The Disciples of Lagoz, a subgroup of the deity of knowledge, Cobboc, have made a discovery within a set of ruins that were lost to the world for ages. Among the ruins, the Lagozians found a relic of holy significance to their faith (indeed, perhaps all faiths). Enemies have dogged them throughout their search for the relic (both from within the church calling them heretics, as well as outside enemies), and so the Lagozians contacted the Priestess’ people for help.

Through the icon, they have arranged for capable heroes to escort them and their prize from the ruins to Horizon, where there will be a temporary teleportation circle to whisk them to the Cathedral in Santa Cora.

There have been several different groups escorting them, one group for each significant leg of the journey. Yarrel was part of a group that was supposed to escort them on the last leg, from Greenwell to Horizon. Unfortunately, after the Stone Thief‘s assault upon the village, the bard is now without a group to help protect the Lagozians. Will you help?

Author: Eric