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Mistress of the Estate

The Voice

Anastasia, the favoured

The Manor on the Hill


Rescuing Ursel

Stone Thief Aftermath

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Protected: The Sleeping Prisoners

Protected: Giantwalk, Part 2

Protected: Giantwalk, Part 1

Protected: The Colour of One’s Character

Staying at Anvil (or Forge?!)

Protected: Puki’s Truth Revealed!

Protected: The Mystery on Stoneroost

Protected: 2021-09-02 – The Undaunted

Protected: One Less Contender?

Protected: Casila’s Mansion

Protected: The Dwarven Vault

Protected: The Pit of Undigested Ages

Maeglor the Apostate


Protected: Guardians of the Stair

Protected: The Clock and The Bridges

Protected: The Winding Stair

Protected: F2F – Last Orc Standing

Protected: Fangrot Strike Force!

Protected: Not So Swift and Deadly

Protected: Plotting with Greyface

Protected: Thinning the Herd

Protected: Rescuing the Survivors

The Fall of Hildebrande

Protected: No Rest for the Wicked

Protected: Too Greedily and Too Deep

Protected: Cornellion’s Betrayal

Protected: Hildebrande & The Queen’s Wood

Protected: Securing the Ingredients

Protected: The Dream Gauntlet

Protected: The Overworld

Protected: Finally… the Eye

Protected: The Cloud Giants

Waiting for Cloud Giants

Protected: Investigative Ping Pong

Rasputin…. ALIVE?!

Interrogating a Rakshasa

Protected: Eye for an Eye

Protected: Climbing the Tree

Protected: Meeting Nioba

Protected: The Grove

Protected: Session – 2021-01-18

Protected: Deep Keep

Protected: Totally Tubular, Man

Protected: The Evolved Flesh Tailor

Protected: Meeting the Provost

Back and Forth!

Protected: Return to the Maw

Protected: Following Nuzbok Through Portal to Gardmore!

Protected: Nuzbok Attacks

Protected: Deeper into the Maw

Protected: 2020-11-23

Idris Looks for Answers

Waiting for you

Protected: Ambush & Celebration

Protected: The Sacred Cave

Protected: The Koru Behemoth

A Job for Viper Celia

Protected: In Pursuit of More Answers

Protected: Mausoleum Dragons & More

Protected: The Hunt for Casila Artalin

Protected: In Pursuit of Casila

The Sword of Light: Reforged!

Protected: The Brothers

Protected: The Secret of Hildebrande

Protected: Against the Stone Thief

Protected: Discovery Starts at the Top!

Protected: The Casila Plot

The Provost

Protected: Chasing Shadows

Rasputin, Leader of The Syndicate

Protected: Jumping Through Hoops

Interviewing Casila: Real or Fake?

Protected: Internal Audit & The Baron

Protected: Agents of the Blue

Protected: 2020-09-24

Protected: 2020-09-21

Protected: 2020-09-14

Protected: 2020-09-10

Protected: 2020-09-07

New Learning: The Stone Thief

Protected: 2020-09-03

Protected: 2020-08-31


Eleodora Malfador

Protected: 2020-08-19

Protected: The Sun Cult

The Knights of the Sun

Baron Dharkon

Protected: Deeper Into the Moathouse

Protected: 2020-08-04

A Question of Morality

Protected: 2020-07-31

En Route

Protected: Reluctant Recluse

A Welcome Back to Hildebrande

Protected: 2020-07-17

Waurren: Highlights & Bloopers

Waurren: Wish List

Waurren: The History


I Must Return…

Protected: 2020-07-09

Attack Aftermath

Protected: 2020-07-07

Yarrell: Highlights & Bloopers

Yarrell: Wish List

Yarrell: The History


Protected: 2020-06-27

Protected: 2020-06-24

A Premonition?

Stone Thief, The

Protected: 2020-06-19


Protected: 2020-06-11

Resting & Reflecting

Casila Artalin

Protected: 2020-06-05

Protected: 2020-05-27

A Difference of Opinion

Protected: 2020-05-20

Protected: 2020-05-12

Protected: 2020-05-06

Protected: 2020-04-28

Protected: 2020-04-21

Protected: Slaying of the Basilisk

Protected: 2020-04-15 – The Undaunted – Dual Campaign Session & WELCOME MAX!

Merian: Highlights & Bloopers

Merian: Wish List

Merian: The History

Merian Urankhorn

Protected: Marrowbreath, Escort & Ambush!

Protected: The Siege of Harrowdale

No Rest for the Wicked and the Good Don’t Need Any

Protected: An Errand for Moz

Protected: Crate & Beatstick

Protected: Fate Still Follows

Protected: The Redfangs

Protected: 2020-03-18


Seekers of the Lost: Ended

Michael-DE: Highlights & Bloopers

Michael-DE: Wish List

Michael-DE: The History


Protected: Pursuing Garados

Protected: Investigating the Seekers of the Lost

Branda Tulles




Protected: Ending the Song

Protected: The Ritual

Protected: Chasin’ Drug Dealers

Protected: Exploring the Dream Theater

Protected: The Dream Theater

Protected: Elsa Whiterose’s Mission

Protected: Leaving the Dead Vaults

Protected: The Dead Vaults

Protected: Brewery Aftermath

Protected: Investigating the Square

Protected: Shadows Over Eldolan

Therilsa Stormhand

Protected: A Letter from Eldolan

Puki: Highlights & Bloopers

Puki: Wish List

Puki: The History


Nidalru: Highlights & Bloopers

Nidalru: Wish List

Nidalru: The History

Nidalru Phiendath

Idris: Highlights & Bloopers

Idris: Wish List

Idris: The History


Aegeus: Highlights & Bloopers

Aegeus: Wish List

Aegeus: The History


Finishing Characters & Skirmishing

A Leaf on the Wind

Milo: Highlights & Bloopers

Milo: Wish List

Milo: The History

Milo Tokeson


Protected: The Mirror

Legion: Highlights & Bloopers

Legion: Wish List

Protected: Legion: The History