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Protected: To Fire or not to Fire…

Protected: I Hear Something…

The Introduction

The Hidden Temple

Individual Glimpses

Brave Deeds

Protected: Jaeron… After Him!

Protected: You Belong To Me Now

Protected: Stonefield, Ormus, Jaran, and more!

Protected: Thieves’ Guilds and Palaces

Protected: Missed a Session

The Calm Before the Silverstorm – Part 1

Since then…


The Gatekeepers

Still… secrets…

Protected: Next Session

Protected: From Candlekeep to Baldur’s Gate


Protected: The Trail of Five Darknesses

Protected: Triumph

Protected: The Last Day

Protected: The Ransom

Protected: The Search Goes Far Afield

Protected: … of Shades

Protected: … of the Shadowfell

Legion: Highlights & Bloopers

Legion: Wish List

Protected: Legion: The History


Heathen – The End of Naarash

The Feywild

Morpheus: Highlights & Bloopers

Morpheus: Wish List

Morpheus: The History


Somewhere Else on the Sea of Swords

Somewhere on the Sea of Swords

Berdusk, A Few Weeks Earlier


A Letter From Cobb

Omarlyn Khan


Bartholomew Rhum

Gerrick Greystone