• The sheriff of Hildebrand is named David. No last name, and never, ever, refer to him as ‘Dave,’ ‘Davey,’ or anything of the sort. David won’t tolerate it…not that he ever reacts with any great emotion. Any emotion at all, really…but misfortunes tend to happen to those who disrupt order, which, to David, is paramount. David has no lieutenants, no deputies, no standing militia…it’s just David. Astonishingly, he remains quite effective and maintaining law in Hildebrande, though no one is quite sure how. What everyone is sure of, from the Syndicate to Sally, to Itotia…is that David is frightening. Terribly, terribly frightening. No one feels at ease in David‘s presence. Is it supernatural? His mannerisms? Both? Something else altogether? No one knows…and no one is going to ask.
  • mysterious watcher with a powerful gaze
  • potentially up to no good
  • followed and then found he disappeared
  • suspicious that he has something to do with The Syndicate
  • learned he’s actually an ANGEL and was searching for his brother!?
Author: Eric