En Route

You have been traveling for a few days now. You passed the black dragon’s lair a day ago, marching further into the wilderness. Swamp gave way to oppressive forest, with no real signs of civilized life.

The Syndicate seemed to have chosen a very out-of-the-way place for their money vault. Sure, it meant no one was likely to stumble across it, but inconvenient as anything to gain access to the funds.

Maybe they used teleportation magic. Maybe they used flight. Maybe the day-to-day operations didn’t need the influx of cash.


One way or another this was going to be a huge blow to the crime organization. It was just a matter of getting past their defenses and absconding with the wealth.
What form would those defenses take? Pit traps? Shadowy assassins?

Growling from the trees answered you. Wolves.


Author: Eric