Famous Quotes

“Well Pizentios, what is it that we can do for you now?”

There is no sarcasm present when Tempus of Agravelenon pleasantly asks an illusion of the evil Necromancer of Skahlehn whether or not he would fries with that….

“He’s sitting in a CHAIR!!?!?!”

“In Celene,” Caellyn says, “only the most powerful of beings may sit in chairs… this being must be very poweful…”

“The trees mock us, friends. Be wary.”

Tempus of Agravelenon is distracted away from the wholly evil Treant possessed by Tharizdun‘s essence that threatens the heroes…

“The worms are eating your people!!!”

Sir Darius Graymore‘s attempts at diplomacy with the Illithids of the Underdark fail somewhat.

“I Teleport behind Maskalene and Maranek.”

Elric Sith‘s last words before becoming one with the ground.

“Don’t I get full cover behind a horse?”

It seems that the subtleties of military tactics elude the war-hardened paladin; Sir Darius Graymore.

“I use Mordenkainen‘s Force Missiles on the guy Riyan‘s in melee with.”

One of Tempus of Agravelenon‘s failures to utilize teamwork properly.

“Friends, be wary. I hear an ominous ticking from behind this door….”

Brother Griften Insaith nervously warns his companions of the danger of grandfather clocks…

“I Fireball Nyeru Darkspring… the girl will survive…”

Tempus of Agravelenon doesn’t understand the repercussions of “taking hostages”

“We cannot let these people be threatened by these threats….”

Brother Griften Insaith‘s “Disadvantage: Tongue Tied” shows through with flying colours…

“When the orcs charge into the Cloudkill spell, I start attacking them from behind.”

Riyan Erroshel tries out the role of ‘saboteur’ instead of helpful Ranger

“I walk into the room with Strahd and the other vampires…”

Tarax realized too late that adventuring with The Scourge, doesn’t always mean they’ve got your back.

“I throw the rock with Silence on it at the spellcasters.”

Even Druid/Psionicists with Fighter THACOS can disrupt their own parties spellcasting,… all Ventrius had to do was roll a 1…

“… then perhaps today IS a good day to die!”

Caelynn Silverleaf doing his best “Lieutenant Worf” impression, ensuring the Necromancers of Skahlehn rack up some XP.

“I grab the spear from Palistren’s hand.”

Brother Griften Insaith insists that he take the Spear of Sorrow from the pit fiend… and thus began his turn towards evil.

“I Slay Living Brother Griften.”

After years of adventuring together, Tempus of Agravelenon decides that he must stop his good friend Griften‘s heart from beating.

“I Earthquake the fortress.”

Sometimes the good of the one DOES outweigh the good of the many… 30+ neutral good fighters for the favour of an evil prince?…

“Now know the face of your Arch-Enemy, and know it is Nexxus…”

Taunting last words before being handed back to the one man he feared the most…

Tanamier does not use the Anti-Magic Shield to avoid the dragon’s breath.”

Apparently being the “Chosen One” of the new gods does not make one immune to a white dragon’s icy breath…. who knew?

Author: Turnerbuds