Frozen in Time

  • The heroes recover and collect themselves, scouring the room for clues as to what could justify the horror laying splayed across the icy stone floor
  • With the ritual scroll clenched in his fist, Odus looks up the stairs with trepidation
  • Heroes tear down protection and Isak shatters door to find Vandomar, frozen in time!
  • confrontation ensues, heroes victorious
  • taking a moment to rest, they navigate the orc city back to the feywild, arriving at Berrian’s grove
  • Berrian accepts Padraig’s terms, and gives them feywine, lemnas bread, food & plants to present as gifts on their return to Winterhaven
  • Also a sealed scroll with Berrian’s seal for how to move troops through Feywild
Author: Turnerbuds