Graymore: The History

Graymore was born in Chendyl, in the Furyondy. His family was poor, victims of the aftershocks of the Greyhawk Wars. Graymore lived his childhood years almost entirely without his father, Bremen. It seemed as though Darius’ father wanted to have little to do with him at all, as he was rarely around, and when he did return home to visit, it was only for a short period of time. Later in life, Bremen would say in his own defense that it was merely “a matter of duty” that kept him away from his wife and son for so many years.

When Graymore was a very young man his father began to visit home and stay for increasing periods of time, as his son’s company became more and more pleasant for conversation and physical activity. Eventually, Bremen gave up the mercenary life of adventure he had been leading to pay what bills he could and over the years slowly became accustomed to the life he led in Chendyl with his family. Bremen soon found himself leading an almost normal life, and became a devout worshipper of the god Pelor; his wife was already a religious woman and attended services regularly at the temple.

Darius grew up learning use of the sword as his father would teach him, but very quickly outgrew his father in both skill and size, and continued his training with the larger bastard sword. The priesthood for Pelor was prominent in the city, and his father’s church-going habits rubbed off on him. Soon Graymore was attending services with or without his parents, going every day and very quickly became an altar server, and remained so throughout his childhood.

However, as he blossomed into a strong, sturdy young man, his skill grew and so did his involvement with the church. Graymore loved his life, the stringent schedule he kept with the services, work for his father, and the training he could afford in his spare time. He seriously considered becoming a priest, but his love of swordplay was overpowering, and as a young boy, his love of books was no match for the love of his blade.

A year or two after Graymore‘s decision to abstain from priestly studies, he discovered one of the high priests of Pelor <> practicing ‘evil and dark things with dead bodies’ in the basement of the temple one evening when no one was supposed to be in the temple. Darius was simply there to sweep the floor of the temple before mass…

So horrified was Darius when he saw this, he made no mention of it that day, and wandered the streets in anonymous contemplation about the horrors of what he saw. Disoriented, betrayed and completely infuriated, Darius knew too soon what he had to do. He reported it to the authorities and other priests of the temple, and sequestered himself in his room at home. For days his parents were worried. But Graymore would not speak of the source of his distress. No doubt the church had handled the problem quietly to avoid a disruption of the normal life led here in Chendyl. When Graymore‘s seclusion coincided with services, Graymore‘s father became quite upset, but Graymore had lost his faith, and wanted nothing to do with his father or the church he so loved… so he began a new life; one without direction.

Years passed, and while Graymore fought through his ‘betrayal’, he remained scarred and took service in the city guard. As another job, he would protect dignitaries and escort those who feared for their lives or had something valuable to protect. His sturdy sword-arm and peaceful wisdom made Graymore both a pleasant traveling companion and a fearless protector. He had not attended services at the temple of Pelor or any other place of worship in years, and had accustomed himself to its’ absence.

Soon enough, Graymore‘s iron-clad dependency and high moral standing showed him to be a lawful, loyal and admirable figure in the city. His parents were proud, and he visited them often, helping them with anything he could by doing work his father could no longer, or simply spending time with his mother.

Author: Danny