Her First Mission

Dispatched by General Six, the heroes assembled to visit a long-abandoned mine from which sounds and mysterious traffic had been seen lately.

“Strange…” Chaedi said as they all boarded the dropship.

“What’s that?” Garrick responded.

“After all this time… why would people start using the mine now?” It’s not like there’s any material wealth there, that’s why it was abandoned in the first place, wasn’t it?”

“Maybe there’s storing something there they don’t want to be found easily..” Isak offered as he ducked low to allow the massive glaive strapped to his back to fit up the ramp.

“I can’t wait to see!” piped in Tana, already comfortably seated in the hull of the ship.

The shared glance of the rest of the heroes was enough to suggest they all liked the young one’s exuberance.

Author: Jonas