House Rules

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Escaping Burning Leash with Invisibility
  • Invis allows the leashed enemy to move away, but it does not escape the fire damage mentioned in the power as the result of Disengaging
2021-09-21 Eric
Death Saves

Roll a d20 at the start of your turn:

  • 16+: use a recovery to return to consciousness and heal up to the number of hit points you rolled with your recovery
  • 20: you get to take actions normally that turn
  • 15 or lower: you take one step toward the grave

After the fourth failed death save in a single battle, you die.

You also die when you reach negative hit points equal to half your maximum hit points.

2021-04-23 Eric
Readying an Action
  • Ready action lets you prepare to take an action later. goes before, but moves the initiative
2021-04-15 Eric
Healing Potion Reminders:
Potion of Rarity HP Regained Cost (gp)
Healing common 2d4+2 50
Greater Healing Uncommon 4d4+4 150
Superior Healing Rare 8d4+8 450
Supreme Healing Very Rare 10d4+20 1350
2019-06-13 Eric
Minimum Attendance to Play Update with fewer players
  • 5 characters mean 4 people have to attend
  • 4 characters mean 3 people have to attend
    • (1 fewer if 1 player is always using 2 chars)
2021-10-11 Joe
Mis-Clicking in Maptools When asked for a roll (save, check, skill, etc.) only the proper button clicked will count. Better (or worse!) rolls are ignored until the proper button is clicked 2016-08-02 Joe
Resting – Short Rest to spend HD = 5 min
– Short rest to recharge Powers = ~1 hour

*Light Activity (Travelling, Resting) can be deemed a Short Rest

2016-02-01 AQ Primer Email
  • If the creature being grappled changes its size during the grapple:
    • They have Advantage on their next roll to escape the grapple, or
    • They are immediately granted another roll to escape the grapple, or
    • They are immediately freed from the grapple, or
    • … other?
2016-01-01 unknown
Dispel Magic 1) Casters know if they were successful or not in dispelling the desired effect

2) vs. Spell-like, non-magical attacks, Dispel Magic gives the recipient another save vs. the spell-like attack.

2015-10-26 Eric
Teleport You cannot change your “Prone” status using a teleport. For example: if you are prone, you cannot use Teleport to move to another location and be standing at your destination. 2015-09-29 Eric
Melee Attacking Across a Corner
  • Decided that melee combatants attacking across a ‘hard corner’ do NOT suffer a -2 penalty for attacking through cover
2015-09-16 unknown
Minimum Attendance to Play > 50% attendance to play
  • 6 characters mean 4 people have to attend
  • 5 characters mean 3 people have to attend
2015-09-16 Joe
Rolling for HP
  • Level 1: Max dX
  • Level 2, 3, 4 & 5: Choose: Average HP or dX, whichever is higher
  • Level 6+: Roll dX or take the average HP
2015-01-01 Jonas
General Combat
  • if someone is forced to take a 5-foot movement against their will (via the Knockback combat maneuver, spells that displace, etc) then anyone who threatens that person gains an immediate attack of opportunity against the character being moved against their will. Each opponent is still limited to their maximum number of attacks of opportunity in a round, however.
2006-03 Eric
  • While it seemed obvious that 3.0 Haste was overpowered for casters, the same isn’t necessarily true for the psionic equivalent, Schism. Schism allows psions to “split their mind” and make an additional purely mental action (concentrate or make another manifestation). Based on the many arguments that psionics could use a boost, Schism will remain as written in 3e.
2006-03 Eric
Animal Affinity
  • As disappointing as the changes from 3.0 to 3.5 was for the buff spells like Bull’s Strength and Cat’s Grace, it only makes sense to change their psionic counterpart to see if the same “game balance” is achieved. Animal Affinity now grants a +4 enhancement bonus to any statistic (Str, Cha, Wis, etc) per manifestation.
2006-03 Eric
  • Changing Haste to the 3.5 version sucks. It doesn’t make any sense, and instead of making it a spell that EVERY arcane caster will have, they wanna make it a spell that NO arcane caster would want. Ever. Haste will remain as published in 3.0, but with the restriction that it will not enable the user to cast an extra spell as their granted action. This will keep the AC and movement benefits that seem appropriate, and moderate the skew that casters enjoy employing this spell compared to predominantly melee characters.
2006-03 Eric
  • Instead of the PHB psion, we use the psion variant rules (and for Mental Combat) in Mindscapes: A Psion’s Guide. Powers, feats, etc are all applicable from this product.

  • In addition to the feats and powers in the PHB, we use the articles from The Mind’s Eye in their entirety. Changes are made on a case-by-case basis.

2006-03 Eric
  • Sorcerors may use the Quicken Spell feat normally (free action to cast) instead of with their normal increased casting time (but stacking Quicken Spell and any other metamagic feats increases the casting time back to 1 round).
2003-06 Eric
  • In addition to the 3.5 PHB version of the Paladin, we also use the Malhavoc Press variant from the Book of Hallowed Might.
2003-06 Eric
  • Bards may use the Quicken Spell feat normally (free action to cast) instead of with their normal increased casting time (but stacking Quicken Spell and other metamagic feats puts the casting time back for 1 action casting times to 1 full round).
2003-06 Eric
Author: Turnerbuds