Idle Musings…


Isak pulls out his knife to start whittling away.

I can’t wait to leave this place. Thunderspire… never have I seen a place with so much corruption and so many profiting on the suffering of others. Well, that’s not entirely true. Battlefields are strewn with the screams of the suffering for the profit of a lord.

And Solomon, how could he have done it? I knew he was reckless, always pushing the limits, but I thought it was greed. His family, how could he kill them? How could he kill her? I would have protected her from anything. I should have protected her from him… but could I have? Was it already too late then?

Gods I hate this place. What did we really accomplish here? Did we save Eilian and Delphina or are we returning two broken souls because we weren’t good enough? And the witch, got to give credit to Solomon, did he ever play us for fools with that. I wonder how Kane will react … he kept going thinking Solomon had the answer to the curse. Will he now give up searching for one?

How long is this going to take… it’s just a big tooth!

One thing is for certain, it’s good having Garrick and Odus here. I still don’t know how Garrick did it … chains just burst off my wrists; and how Odus can keep our spirits up in a demon-cursed cesspool with a few well-placed notes is uncanny.

But is it enough? Garrick‘s sword magic, Odus‘ bow and healing, Kane‘s cursed abilities, and my sword… is it enough? I mean Solomon is dealing with Vecna; will my sword be enough to avenge her?

Finally! Now where did I put that leather cord?

“What’s taking Kane so long? We can’t stay here forever”, Isak asked no one in particular as he slipped the dragon tooth around his neck. I can’t wait to leave this place, he thought not for the first time.

Author: Roberto