• Head Cleric of Hildebrande’s only temple (Makaria)
  • Itotia is the head cleric of Hildebrande’s only temple.
  • Stunningly attractive, Itotia‘s personality is just as beautiful; everyone loves Itotia for her generosity, compassion, and skill at diplomacy.
  • Like many of Hildebrande’s citizens, Itotia has a special talent for a musical instrument; it seems to be some type of harp, though she will not confirm what it is, exactly.
  • As part of her diplomatic nature, Itotia tends to enunciate overly clearly; citizens know she is not condescending, but outsiders are not sure.
  • She is quiet, but it seems to be a quiet born of confidence.
  • She sees the whole of Hildebrande as one big community and sees the Syndicate as eroding that.
Author: Turnerbuds