Lady Eleone, Royal Consort to Duke Owen

5th Abjurer
Str 11, Int 14, Wis 16, Con 10, Dex 11, Cha 17.
AC 5 (Bracers AC 5)
HPS: 13, AL LN(g). Born 546 CY.


Eleone was the second daughter of the Baron of Galloway. Pretty but shy, she was infatuated with a young son of Niall’s named Owen who made her alternately laugh and gasp with wonder at his feats of magic during a visit. Owen left to pursue an adventuring life for a time, but Eleone never forgot him and held out the hope to her father that something might yet come of it.


This allowed her to put her father off other arranged marriages for a while, but Baron Galloway’s patience was not infinite. He was about to arrange a marriage with the eldest son of the Baron of Harloch when Niall died and Owen ascended the throne. It seemed that Owen hadn’t forgotten Eleone either, for she soon became his Royal Consort. The couple has been very happy together, and Owen naturally tried to teach his young wife the ways of magic. Puzzled by her limited comprehension, he became quite frustrated until the day his wife demonstrated a spell he was completely unable to master. Once he realized that her personality pre-disposed her to a different path, he quickly arranged for appropriate tutoring.


Traits: Lady Eleone isn’t really serious about magic. She is serious about her family, though, and sees magic as a way of spending time with her husband and protecting her children. Most people in the court aren’t even aware that she is capable of dweomercraft, believing her to have failed Owen‘s attempts at tutoring. Nevertheless, her organizational skills and insight into human nature are respected by all who know her.


Eleone is naturally an orderly person, which makes her a good planner and organizer. At Caer Cherafir and again within their residence in Shibboleth she is the Royal Seneschal, in charge of managing domestic affairs throughout the residence. Though kind, she expects performance. If tasks are not completed or performed poorly, offenders will know. One young bard who made a comment she considered impudent later described “blue eyes that suddenly turned to lightning, and dark hair heavy like an oncoming storm about her visage.” Though not as overtly powerful as her husband, she is nonetheless not to be taken lightly.


If Lady Eleone has a serious fault, it is her over-protectiveness when dealing with things and people she cares about. Rhianna in particular chafed under this burden, though she wrongly ascribes this to her father rather than her mother’s influence.


Magic: In addition to her bracers and spell book, Lady Eleone possesses a silver brooch of elven make, engraved and studded with emeralds. It provides Protection from normal missiles, 5′ radius. The brooch is a traditional adornment for Royal Consorts, but it has been so long since its powers were used that it is not generally considered magical. The Royal Family and certain sages and chroniclers know better, of course. Aftermath: Eleone is greatly distressed by the loss of Geoff, which she sees as a failure to protect her people. Rhianna‘s efforts help raise her spirits on occasion, but in general she has become somewhat gloomy and withdrawn when not in public. Even her surprise pregnancy recently has failed to stir much good cheer, and not a few of the royal staff are worried about what her disposition will be like in a few months.

Author: Turnerbuds