Memories of Rauxes

It was an ordinary glass globe map of the Flanaess.

Or so he thought.

A merchant traveling through Almor had managed to get all the way to Rauxes unharmed and stopped in the capital city. Why the lost gods only knew, but here he was. Khaal Wraath was called over to the gates to inspect his wares and found the globe. He claimed he was taking it to the sage Jipzinker to have it examined; it was an ancient Suel relic, and Jipzinker was the local expert. Khaal Wraath had a funny feeling, but the longer the conversation lasted, the more convinced Khaal Wraath was that he definitely had to go see Jipzinker the sage right away.

A few days later, Khaal Wraath wondered about the incident and went to see the sage. He only said that it was a map and glowed near a village in the Darmen Lands. The diviner that Khaal Wraath brought with him verified he was telling the truth, so he left.


Author: Eric