MUSIC: Piss On U

As the winter guard head back to Gardmore Abbey, the findings from the orc lair sit heavily in Odus‘ heart. Not so much about the new threat of the drow but, of the unnecessary recklessness of the orcs on their captives. These acts of violence never sat well with him. The slaughtering and suffering of the defenceless. These acts bring out a darkness from within. Odus takes this time to reflect on the recent events. And again, lyrics fill Odus‘ thoughts…

I don’t know why there’s always these fuckers that make others

They take me to a place where they will regret, and then they will

Why is he doing the things that he’s doing? Isn’t he peaceful?

He disrespectful, unlawful, an animal, he awful. Am i feeling

That’s none of ur business, its u who started this, and im going to finish

I’m going to match ur savage inhumanity so u understand my actions when i
do it.

U take pleasure in hurting the innocent, thinking there isn’t a

Blinded by arrogance, u don’t see whats happening, your about to be

Ur reckoning is here, the tables have turned, i can smell ur fear.

Look at u now, with piss on your face, now in a cage, your death is

Tell me again how u wanna be free, for some reason it really sounds funny
to me.

Seeing how u gave no mercy yourself, letting u live i don’t see it to

Tells us the info we’re asking of u and i promise to kill u quick.

If not we’ll take our time and make what u do look like a piece of

Oh lord, why do they bring me to this place?

The dark side of my soul, i mean u no disgrace.

Oh lord, u know who i be and what i can do.

U know i get weak when sufferings in view.

Oh lord, the urge to avenge is strong within me.

Oh lord, bring my soul peace, calm, and serenity.

I’m sorry for this, oh lord, I’m sorry for this.

Peace, calm, and serenity… And with that, Odus once again feels the heaviness from his heart lift, and his mind clear of negativity. Odus thinks to himself, “i must be out of practice… ” His thoughts then turn to Rao. “Lord, steady my heart during these dark times which are upon us. I am ready to do your will.”

Author: Jonas