New Things You Have Learned About the Stone Thief

New Things You Have Learned About the Stone Thief:

  • The Stone Thief can attack/consume even things that are in a body of water…as happened to you.
  • The Stone Thief has a level, The Sunken Sea, where the waters from any sea attack it makes gathers.
  • These waters flow into an Underriver that flows to different levels of the dungeon…but since the Stone Thief can re-arrange the levels, it’s hard to predict where the Underriver will flow.
  • The custodian of the Sunken Sea is the Pearlkeeper, who seems to watch over an area that has a “control panel” of levers that tries to direct the Underriver.
  • To the best of your knowledge, the Stone Thief swallowed your ship because it was attracted by both the artifact the vampire took and the ritual the Sun Paladin used to summon the flying realm of Sunlit.
  • Captain Bluescale of the White Dragon serves the Blue of Drakkenhall, and, according to one of the sailors, drove the ship -into- a maelstrom (the Stone Thief). Apparently, in the cargo hold, is an item that no one but the captain knows the nature of.
  • The Pearlkeeper let drop that the Stone Thief keeps the best treasures in one of the lowest levels, and that it was the greatest hoard ever assembled…which you have interpreted as the former hoard of the Great Gold Wyrm.
Author: Eric