Next Steps

The heroes rest for three days under the bond of salt generously extended by Fatima in her father’s home.

Fatima made clear her interest in liquidating her father’s abode to the heroes who cannot accept due to their financial circumstances.

On the third day, Magic Mouth sensors announce the arrival of a visitor; Haroushin has found the heroes on the island and brings great news of his research into the Lions; a theory that he his hopeful will prove true.

We now know who some of the lions are:
Suhail Min Zan – destroyed as much of the geomancers info as possible
Ashtaraq – the paladin (Roheen has the intelligent holy avenger)
Azaltin – the caster (Azizullah has the staff)

The heroes agree that Haroushin has proven himself an invaluable asset and ally, and decide to share all they have with him. He is very pleased and feels youthful and rejuvenated at the prospect of all the heroes have shared with him.

Increasingly certain that answers to the mystery of Amakin lie deep within the Mountain of Forgiveness, he persuades the heroes to join him to search for Amakin grave within the mountain before they resolve an oustanding debt to Mad Aja; payment for devuling the locaiton of the abducted Faruq.

Haroushin uses Imam Renn’s Miracle scroll on the heroes to speed their search and they delve deep into the vast tunnels beneath the mountains’ public burial grounds…


Author: Eric