Not Strong Enough

Faruq slumps against one of the large tables in the room, breathing heavily.

“Come…” Faruq calls out telepathically to Sachiel, “… it’s not safe out there.”

His relief was apparent when Sachiel slipped inside, her translucent form escaping notice from the guards outside, and when Roheen and Kal closed the door behind them, Faruq sat down, sighing in relief.

“You’re safe now.” Sachiel whispered with her thoughts.

“But we were lucky” Faruq thought in return. “I’ve never used my magic like that before… not that many people at once. They were formidable; we could have been overrun.”

“You did just fine!” she smiled at Faruq but he knew she would say that.

“And next time? I’m not strong enough yet… I panicked when I felt the sting of his sword. My brothers can’t depend on me…”

Before Sachiel could respond, Faruq continued.

“I need to be stronger next time. I need to focus these… these ‘gifts’ better.” Faruq‘s thoughts now flowed openly to Sachiel as if he were talking.

“You must do something for me, Sachiel. You must go into the ether again and find another magic for me. I must be able to do that which others can do; to protect myself… and all of you.”

Sachiel’s gaze now hardened as she sensed she would be put to task.

“Yes… you must find for me another magic so that I might have it when needed. Go forth and find for me the Shield spell, my dear.”

Sachiel nodded her understanding. “Like your brothers use?”


“I’ll return as soon as I find it!” Sachiel looked almost giddy at the prospect; she seemed to enjoy chasing the other spells she’d found for Faruq.

“I’ll be waiting for you.” Faruq replied, and though no sound passed between them, Sachiel Plane Shifted away with the subtle sound of rain to perform her task.

His shoulders heavy, Faruq turned and looked at his brothers.

“What next?” He asked aloud.

Author: Turnerbuds