The Undaunted

The Heroes of Starport

Other Champions of the Dragon Empire



The following details are snapshots of the state of things just before The Heroes of Starport were contacted individually by Sephare, each drafted into the service of The Archmage.

Empire Updates

  1. News of the white meteor and strange aliens has reached all corners of The Dragon Empire, but the attacks seem sparse and random, and even to the brave champions listed above (except the Heroes of Starport, obviously)
    • No one knows where they’ve come from or what can be done, and most just pray they’re not beset by the fiery rain and alien plague…
  2. Magnus has had to assume temporary command of operations at Scarsdale Fort – the ‘defeat’ of the orc army’s rogue general did not seem to stop the orc assaults on the dwarven lands for long, and what was first thought to be a short-sighted thrust of orcs against their ages-old enemies may not have been so straight-forward
    • Rumours of a band of powerful champions in the dwarven lands have grown, but the details change from storyteller to storyteller…
  3. Strangely, no news has arrived in some time from the Elven Court about the elven army to be sent to aid the dwarves – the elven eagle riders and Koru Nomads have not seen and have no news of when the army will start it’s march west from the Queen’s Wood.
    • Perhaps the Champions’ success at thwarting the orc general’s plans caused The Dwarf King to reconsider invoking the age-old treaty?
Author: Turnerbuds