The Cave, Part II

Langedrosa breathes deep summoning the power of more lightning as Whisper‘s arrow plunges through his throat. Blood erupts around his fingers as he grabs his throat and falls over, dying wheezily. Deeming it safe, the heroes move into the Dragon Shrine:

This chamber has been enlarged and reshaped from its original form. The floor and three of the walls are smooth, and stalactites and stalagmites have been polished into gleaming columns. Every surface glistens with moisture, and the air is warm and humid. The flat walls of the chamber are decorated with shallow abstract carvings of dragons. Dragons’ tails coil into intricate patterns and knots that flow across the walls. The creature portrayed in the northwest corner stands out: a five-headed dragon, rising from an erupting volcano. Other dragons, which seem dwarfed by the five-headed monstrosity, flock to its side. A small, wooden chest with silver and mother-ofpearl inlays sits on the floor in the corner, in front of the monstrous dragon carving.

The young heroes look at each other wide-eyed, seemingly just realizing that they have defeated a truly formidable foe, perhaps their first. And likely have made permanent enemies of the dragon cult now. Some are wounded, most have depleted their magiks. What will they do next?

The heroes continue delving deeper into the cave, uncertain what Leosin’s direction will cause them to find…

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Author: Turnerbuds