The Dao of the Ferry

Their names are Kenai al-Afriz and Siri al-Klemin; Faruq is fairly certain those are not their real names, but knows enough not to ask about the aliases. For these two Dao to be pushing the barge, they must have offended someone important somewhere…someone who could command their service to Golden Huzuz. They were being humbled, and it was always wiser to not poke at such wounds.

Kenai is easily the more conversational of the two, and he always talks with a sly, conspiratorial voice. He converses pleasantly with his passengers, but only imparts knowledge, gossip, or rumour after being offered a “topic fee,” usually a gem of some sort (Dao being Dao, of course). After being bribed by your group (Joe, please subtract 50 gp from the group total), he offers up the following nuggets, all being prefaced with “Not that I know personally, but I heard from someone who really would know…”

  • There is a warehouse somewhere that is working on an great engine of destruction. “They” are close to completing their work, but there is one item missing to make it complete. They would be most interested in someone who could acquire the item…
  • There is an unusual item that has very obviously been buried along the shoreline on the university side of the al-Sarif river. I wonder what it could be…
  • Law enforcement have brought in magical specialists to deal with a rash of unlawful summonings in the poorer parts of Huzuz. Perhaps a madman who is try to open a portal to the Hells themselves?
  • Imam Jomhur, high priest of Hajama in Huzuz is a longtime enemy of the Grandfather of the Everlasting. There are agents of the Everlasting within Huzuz specifically to “deal with him.”
  • The Brotherhood of True Flame is also active in Huzuz. Several disappearances of prominent citizens can be attributed to them. They have infiltrated many levels of government and other city structures.
  • Adnan al-Raqi has lost a significant number of students over the last year. I wonder what has happened to them…?

Siri says nothing, but makes a few grunts at different points in Kenai’s expositions. When Kenai mentioned the infiltration of the Brotherhood though, he nodded his head visibly.

As the heroes travelled to Dihliz using Dilliram’s Wind Walk ability, the conversation of how Diliram might compose herself “You should try to cover… your… how do you say….

“You just do you, man…”

She winks and Printz and looks over at Faruq “But I will do my absoloute best not to draw attention to ourselves.” And then winks at Printz.

The heroes arrive in Dihliz

Ammad the pathologically clean gnome has a reuptation for providing safe clean rooms, but exorbinant rates

Entering, Faruq was immediately relieved that Barack had offered to pay for their accommodations when they met; the luxurious adornments and well-kept manner of the establishment was certainly a reflection of what a place like this must cost!

As the heroes approach, Barack greets them warmly and invites them to join him at a table already prepared.

My friend, she is a guest in our presence; we crossed paths in the desert and she has offered aid to us for a time. Barack expresses great surprise at this, but appears contemplative as he sits back down. “And so… she will help with your… security mission?”

Printz: “If need be.”
Barack: agrees
Faruq “Have I said something to upset you, my friend?”
Barack: I have worked with an efreet in his service before, but the sha’ir could not control it, and lost all his merchandise. the details of their contracts were
Faruq: We have more to discuss; perhaps another time
BaracK: The sha’ir did not have proper control of it, and much was lost.

Barack goes on to describe how he has 6 elephants, and will inform you of where we are headed once we are en route. The caravan

Us, genie, barack, 27 people (12 porters, 12 animal handlers, 1 cook (Tahir), pair of dancers (Azrail and Miriam))

have to cross nagara river where we fought crocodiles & dinosaurs
Plans are to cross where it is most narrow and shallow, but likely where ambushes will be set up.
the yuan-ti sometimes target Barack’s caravans specifically. The Yuan-ti know to whom Barack is delivering teh caravan, and this is part of the

Barack providers cherrywood box with several flasks that should inoculate the heroes vs. the Grey Fever rampant in the jungles.

Barack then introduces the heroes to Tahir (the cook), and both Azrail and Miriam (the dancers). They ask Barack if they can go out on the town before they leave, but he denies them.

Barack “I trust you to do what is necessary. Please enjoy the rest of the meal, I will go speak with Tahir and ensure the girls are locked in their rooms; we leave at dawn.” and he goes upstairs

Author: Eric