The Ring of Five – Discovered

However, the heroes discovered more Scarlet Brotherhood activity which led them to uncover the secret Dragon Cult. The cult seemed to view the new religion of Parthen as a threat and was making plans to destroy them. Tracking the Cult to its lair, the Scourge destroyed two dracoliches and many cultists, crippling its operations in Nyrond. Amongst the treasure, they discovered a note which indicated that the archmage Bigby was going to be kidnapped in his tower in Mitrik. Teleporting there, the heroes engaged in battle with several yugoloths, and defeated the arcanaloth Zender to gain possession of the Prison of Zagyg, in which Bigby was trapped. They then traveled to the Free City of Greyhawk, where Bigby could contact the rest of the Circle of Eight.

It was revealed that the daemons were serving a member of the Ring of FiveRary, and that the Ring Members were:

  1. Rary the Traitor
  2. the dimensionalist Leomund (whom Griften had met in the universe containing the Doorways to Infinities)
  3. Serten of Rel Astra
  4. Jaran Krimeaha, Mage of the Vale, and
  5. a final unknown wizard, who is rumored to have replaced Tuerny the Merciless

Bigby explained that the Ring of Five play a deadly game called the “Magician’s End Venture,” where each member tries to be responsible for the deaths of as many archmages as possible. Bigby deduced that Rary had chosen him in retaliation for his interference in the battle on the day of the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk. At this point, Brother Griften left the group, wishing to further explore the Ba’atan’nari Codex and further develop his mental powers. Ventrius remained, however.

Author: Eric