The Source of the Corruption

  • The heroes continue deeper into the crypts; determined to discover the source of the corruption
  • Encountering Vadin Cartwright, they engage him and his vampire horde
  • As the fight progresses, Vadin shows that he controls the STAR card!
  • As Vadin’s situation grows more desperate, he reveals both the IDIOT card, and then just after, the BALANCE card!
  • Felled by a poisonous attack by the basilisk, Kane lies helpless.
  • Isak approaches him and yes. Pours holy water down his throat, reducing Kane‘s helpless form to a screeching, disintegrating form.
    • Yes, roberto killed Joe’s character! lol!
  • The papers they find describe details of Tharizdun, the chained god.
  • They discover the liquid creates abyssal plague, causing madness first.
Author: Turnerbuds