The Sword of Light: Reforged!

This is how Idris will spend his 6 with the GGW:

As Idris was walking back to the Sanctuary, he was still reeling a bit from David’s Penance Stare. Not only did it allow the angel to witness the truth of The Undaunted, it also forced Idris to relive past misdeeds committed in his ‘previous life’ in service to The Three. The loss of the Sword of Light also weighed heavy on his mind. The fact that this ages old artifact was found now, when the ancient relics were being unearthed, was surely no coincidence. Now it was gone…

Upon arriving at the Sanctuary, Idris went straight to his room. As usual, Idris lit the incense candles before laying down…hopeful that the Great Gold Wyrm would give him guidance.

Idris opened his eyes and stared down into a ravine. At the bottom, there was some type of ritual taking place. Idris was sure he had entered the Dreamscape, where one could converse with the Wyrm through visions but he did not recognize this location. He moved closer to the bottom of the ravine and the chanting in…draconic?…became louder. Whatever the chants were, they seemed to be empowering a glowing object in the middle of the circle. Lying next to the glowing object, on a dais, was the body of a fallen knight…perfectly preserved…Idris looked closer and it was eerily reminiscent of the warrior they found in the Ossuary within the Stone Thief. The body seemed to be empowering the glowing object as well. After a few minutes, the chanting stopped, the knights forming the circle parted, and a huge golden dragon… was this the Wyrm himself… walked towards the object. It opened its great maw and breathed flame to consume the glowing object. The reaction was blinding. Slowly, the light began to dissipate and Idris could make out the object… it was the Sword of Light! He was witnessing the creation of the artifact in some unknown age…in a forgotten location…by forgotten knights.

“That’s it!” Idris thought to himself as he awoke.

A few hours later, Idris walked into the ritual chamber of the Sanctuary. Everything had been prepared as he had requested. Both relics, The Skull of Sidabras and the Breath of Hraesvelgr (a large orb made of dragon bone… encased deep within that orb and perfectly preserved, is the fire glands of a powerful ancient gold dragon called Hraesvelgr. It is always warm to the touch and would likely have fire-related abilities) were present. Ursel was also waiting there for him, “Thank you for coming.” he addressed her.

Breath of Hraesvelgr to be

“Of course, you said it was important… but WHAT are we doing here?” asked Ursel a bit impatient.

“I was given a vision, we were going to repair the Sword of Light” Idris answered.

Ursel stared at Idris, “Is that even possible?” Ursel retorted.

“Thankfully, we don’t have to re-create it, we just have to re-energize it. We’ll have to make some improvisations but it should work, provided we perform the ritual properly.” Idris said as Ursel nodded. “Then let us begin.”

Idris handed her a parchment marked ‘Ritual of Transference’ with instructions to recite the draconic words over and over. Idris placed the hilt of the Sword of Light on the altar of the ritual chamber. Idris then signaled Ursel to begin the ritual and the chanting began.

Idris walked to the skull and once again peered through the eyes directly at the Sword of Light. As the chanting continued, there was a momentary blinding flash and the hilt began to glow and levitate up off the altar. As Idris opened his eyes, he could feel the presence of the Wyrm. Staring through the skull, his eyes began to glow and he could see the sword but it looked dull, empty.

Another flash.

Idris could now see magical crystal nodes interconnected and weaved together throughout the hilt but they were different… not fueled with arcane energy per se, no, not completely…but something else as well. The skull enhanced his vision, yes… yes, that’s it! The nodes were fueled with the essence of memories and soul. What happened in the temple now made sense, the memories and soul contained within the sword were discharged to power Merian’s smite and counteract the powerful magic thus extinguishing the blade.

Ursel stared on in amazement as she continued to chant… the hilt was floating… both relics were glowing brightly… there was a dull roar throughout the chamber as if others had joined her chanting. Idris could now see how everything was connected to the sword… tied through golden weaves and threads of magical energy.

Memory. The nodes of memory needed to be replenished first. Idris could hear a voice in his telling him…Give what you would pass on to others!…Idris understood. Ursel heard the same voice echoing in her mind. Idris brought up the only good memories he had, that of his new companions…The Undaunted. He conjured forth memories of courage, bravery, selflessness, friendship, joy and belonging. Those memories seemed to crystallize into magical energy and traveled through the magical weaves to begin filling the empty nodes within the sword. Ursel provided memories of training her students and patience. Memories of a lifetime spent in honor, devotion, and loyalty to the Great Gold Wyrm. As each memory filled the artifact…it began to glow brighter and brighter and, in a few moments, the crystal nodes were filled with golden energy.

Soul. Again the voice rang out in his mind…Give of yourself to save others and battle evil! Idris remembered the lessons taught by Ursel…The energy of one’s soul…whether used for good or evil, to channel it as a tool of destruction or rebirth, there is rarely anything as powerful. Idris replied to the voice, “I give freely of myself, I will strike at our foes through the sword.” He then felt the magic of the Wyrm reaching deep within his being, anchoring a weave of intertwined blue and gold threads between himself and the artifact. Idris felt his soul charging the weapon, filling the remaining crystal node.

Another Flash. The artifact was now glowing with a blinding light, similar to what Idris witnessed in his vision.

The Final Step. Through shielded eyes, Idris and Ursel looked on as the two relics began to rise and move towards each other. As they came into contact, the Breath of Hraesvelgr merged with the Skull of Sidabras and took position to look down upon the glowing artifact. Idris could not be sure if what happened next actually happened or was just another vision. The skull took on the appearance of the Great Gold Wyrm, its great jaw parted and it breathed…Holy Fire consumed the entire ritual chamber! Idris could feel the fire washing over him but it did not burn…in fact, it was soothing.

Another Flash. It is done!

It was a few moments before Idris and Ursel could open their eyes and see the aftermath. When they did, everything had returned to their original positions, the hilt was resting upon the altar. “Did it work?” Ursel questioned wearily.

Idris walk towards the altar and wrapped his hand around the artifact. Immediately, he felt connected to the weapon and heard a faint humming in his mind. Idris held the blade aloft and willed the weapon to unleash itself…a blade of pure golden energy sprang forth from the hilt! The Sword of Light ignited anew!

“It did!” Idris proclaimed with a smile.

Author: Dave L