What you learned from Garta the Goblin and The Doorkeeper

  • Most refer to the Stone Thief as a “she.”
  • The ST is not like a standard living dungeon; it does not simply try to breach the surface world. Instead, it hunts beneath the surface, rising up to take swallow structures
  • The structures are not destroyed, however; they are assimilated into the ST herself, though altered.
  • There are factions within the ST. Garta mentioned the Orcs of Deep Keep led by a warlord named Fangrot. There is also a necromantic individual known as the Flesh Tailor in a level called the Ossuary.
  • There may be more
  • What the Orcs or the Flesh Tailor are doing within the ST is not clear, but perhaps you have ideas based on previous experiences…
  • The Orcs emerge from the ST to take prisoners and booty from the devastation caused when the ST attacks an area.
  • It is not clear if all the undead in the ST are loyal to the Flesh Tailor, but they also emerge to hunt any survivors
  • Everything the ST swallows goes down a large crevasse-like tunnel, heading deeper into the dungeon
  • Therefore the assimilation must take place somewhere else…
  • The Doorkeeper is part of a group of elemental spirits that refer to themselves as Custodians.
  • They seem to maintain the insides of the Stone Thief.
  • The only other Custodian name you have is The Butcher, who is in charge of the level known as The Gauntlet
  • The levels seem to be able to vary in where they appear. The ST needn’t keep to a specific structure
  • The Stone Thief is BLIND. Apparently she used to have eyes (whatever those might be…) but they were stolen at some point in the past by…who else? The Prince of Shadows.
  • Why would he do that…?
  • And if the Stone Thief is blind, how does it hunt? Or even know what targets to choose…?
Author: Eric