A Conversation

“This is quite the place.”

Who said that? Printz thought to himself. Perhaps it’s just the sound of the wind, or his mind wandering off like it usually does allow it to play tricks upon itself. Yet, he could not shake the feeling that the voice was in his head.

“It’s more orderly than I had expected”

There it is again. It doesn’t sound like the other voices… and those tend to be of a more colorful playful nature.

Printz is it?”

Printz looked around in his gaseous form, to see if he could spot the source of the deep manly voice, which did not sound like any of his companions.

Breathe… focus… find your centre… the symptoms of delirium will pass…

“My apologies for the intrusion, I am Khan. Chaka Khan. And I feel for you”

Well this is new, thought Printz. First, he couldn’t remember anything that happened before the violent end to his original party and living with the Jann. Now he’s having hallucinations of a man’s voice with Faruq‘s dead sister’s name. What more delirium must I endure, he thought to himself.

“I do not know what other forms of mental anguish you must endure, and I hope you feel better soon. It must be very frustrating forgetting who you are and your past. This is a fate I would not wish upon anyone. I am no man, however in my past life, my sexual preference was for the female variety.”

This is quite interesting, Printz thought. Could it really be? And if so, why does she sound like a man?

“It appears the lack of memories you are suffering from has allowed me to enter your mind without your permission. I do not wish to frighten you and the others, especially Faruq. He has been through so much. I am the spirit of Faruq‘s sister Chaka Khan, and have come to bestow upon you the memories of my past life, and seeing that your mind is so vastly empty, you appear to be a worthy recipient of such knowledge, if you are willing to accept.”

Hmmmm, Printz thought. This would be quite interesting… is this even happening?

“It is happening Printz. Let me show you a glimpse of some of my memories”

In a sudden flash of light, Printz has a memory of Chaka‘s first intimate encounter; it was with an older girl, and very innocent, tender, and delicate. Unlike his memories with the Jann.

Then, he sees another. This one is of her consoling Faruq; they are both sitting, and she has her arm around him, as they sit in silence leaning on one another.

Then, one final memory. This one is of a huge blue dragon opening its maw, and letting loose a lightning bolt that streaks towards herself and Guzman. As the lightning bolt reaches her, in a flash, the memory stops, and Printz is once again in his gaseous form on the trail of the genies.

“I have seen much before my passing, and my memories I feel will be able to help you all reach your goal in freeing Auntie. You are free to decline my offer. Do you accept?”

Printz replies, “Let’s go crazy”

Author: Jonas

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