Busy in Huzuz

The heroes leave the temple of Zann relieved but also wary of their companion, Kal

Umar al-Fennec has information for you. The ajami mage, Mad Aja? Umar saw him snooping around in the warehouse district…it looked like he was searching for something. Umar suspects he was using magic, since he seemed to be almost sniffing. Umar ran back to where Aja normally keeps his stall in the Grand Bazaar…most items were put away, but Aja’s “Special Wand” was missing…

A caravan from Hiyal has come in…they are talking about a plot from the Brotherhood of True Flame…someone tried to bomb the Sultanna’s palace!

Gomir the barber is the person you asked to keep an ear out for anything re: Tufala. He saw her once; she was presented as the Caliph’s newest concubine at a party he was dressing people for. She looked beautiful, in good health…but somewhat forlorn


Karaji – said the merchant
Karaji and Yunik –
The Grand Vizier


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