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Magnus – RIP

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Chaka Kanye – RIP

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Talthos Crimsonbrush – RIP x2

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Megan Fairheart

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Krista Fairheart

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Sir Devon Fairheart

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Ananayis – RIP

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Talen Silverblade – RIP

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Prannik Flamebringer – RIP

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Xanthi Lamman – RIP

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Garyne Shroudrender – RIP

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Erronion – RIP

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Zina – RIP

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Sylhm Windstar – RIP

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Tarax – RIP

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Fandruzsch – RIP

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Oleanne – RIP

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Gorath Battlerager – RIP

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Dhel – RIP

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Kevelli Mauk – RIP

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Otiluke – RIP

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Bucknard – RIP

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Queen Sharafere – RIP