Deeper Into the Keep

Odus (Jonas):

Odus, being intrigued with the elf-maiden Delphina, goes to speak with her as the evening winds down.

Anxious to lift the spirits of those in the town, Odus is granted permission to perform a small composition at happy hour he had been preparing:

“In God we trust, it’s a must to get the job right.
Foes fall like trees, so please, watch us take flight.
Through the night, through the day, up to the stars.
It really really doesn’t matter who we are.

As long as we stay true, and stay the course.
God gives. Especially when times turn for worse.
It really really doesn’t matter who we are.
To the stars, through the day, through the dark of night.

The boys will fight, for what’s right with overwhelming might.
Down our enemies go, after tasting their doom.
From the blows from our blades, and the sound of the boom.
Or from the fangs, slams and the lures from the one that looms.

We do it for good, and put evil to death.
Our hearts to the people, to our God, till our last breath.
It really really doesn’t matter who we are.
In God we trust, if anyone asks who we are.”

  • Upon descending to the second level, the heroes are met by a hobgoblin who calls out presumably for the password, and when responding to what we found on Ninaran, the goblin attacks anyway.
  • Apparently, the note was to purposely left to mislead anyone who killed Ninaran into wandering down into an ambush
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