Space Invaders!

Finally… One Unique Things Shared!

  • Minoru
    • The Occultist – gets to see all sorts of different realities and how different things playout
    • was always supernaturally sensitive
    • study up on alternate dimensions
    • powers really started coming into play when (she believes) the Archmage’s wards started failing… his neglect triggered her… maybe to help address the issue
  • Brath
    • Doesn’t know it but he’s the last surviving member of an ancient druidic bloodline
    • the significance of this bloodline is only The High Druid herself may know about now
    • raised in a forest as a young baby and apprenticed under a significant druid as well
  • Gallydyn
    • Previously enslaved by Archmage fanatics that trapped sorcerers and made them fight against each other for their own entertainment
    • given an Archmage branding when he became a slave
    • trying to find out what the branding means
  • Magnus
    • A human who was imbued with Elven blood in his mother’s womb, and so has elven abilities
    • His father was doing science projects on him
  • Ereveron
    • Created using forbidden magicks similar to that used to create The Orc Lord
    • However, it was the Elf Queen and the High Druid who conspired to create him
    • Part of his destiny is apparently to hunt down and kill The Orc Lord himself
  • Rainier
    • Worked as a soldier in The Emperor’s armies his entire life
    • One of his limbs was severed, but the only thing he can remember is that he was miraculously healed
    • This sparked him to find faith and is constantly in search of who might have done it, changing the course of his life

Undeterred in their goal to stop the spread of the nefarious Star-Mask parasites, the heroes set off into the foothills of the looming mountain… Starport.

Up the hill from the adventurers however, are a mass the parasites, and battle is met!

Brain-Absorber Xombie, Star-Mask Brutes, and Star-Masks


  • Above the heroes, they can see in the distance a small fort, and it’s clearly where the parasite creatures are heading.
  • The chase is on!
  • Dodging the rocks and other impediments raining down on them, the heroes reach the fort at the top and begin whittling away the now-familiar parasitic monstrosities standing in their path

Brain-Absorber Xombie, Star-Mask Brutes, and Star-Masks


  • The heroes set up as best they can – ready for whatever pours out of the portal that seems to be forming.
  • Ereveron sets up a high perch from which he can rain down death on the foul creatures
  • Brath counts the distance between the shimmering portal and defensible positoins
  • Magnus whirls his blade like a dervish, getting used to the space and width of his chosen battle path
  • Gallydyn and Minoru approach the device, and with their arcane knowledge, try and dull whatever incantations the totems triggered
  • Gallydyn, familiar with¬†shield magic from his years in the gladiatorial arena, conjures a series of them around the rods
  • Minoru, trying to impact the very physics of the portal, hoping it will weaken their foes, focuses intensely on the portal as she’s casting
  • Success!¬† The rods blow – but it was a little too late…
  • The very ground… the stone… the rock and the dirt… softened… Its very nature changed… colours… perverse and disoriented now visible in the ground and the trees… the reality of the Star-Masks is becoming real here too

Star Things & Star-Masks


This fort was built by the dwarves to guard a mine entrance further up the mountain. Dark lightning suddenly crackles near the mine entrance. Now that the battle is over and the adventurers have a chance to look around they see that in the mouth of the tunnel stand more staffs!

A gateway is opening up to another realm, and monsters are coming through.

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