The Bell

Session Notes

Kane (Joe:)
    • Double baboon heads = Demogorgon
    • Prince of Demons, challenged only by Orcus and Grazz’t

The Imp speaks to you telepathically:

    • Imp: Do you seek the destruction of Baphomet?
    • Kane: Yes.
    • Imp: My master would wish it…and I have been sent to help.

Isak: Insight Check Value: 6 (raw roll was 4)

    • Imp: For a small price, I can answer any three questions you have about the Well.
    • Imp: “Fool! Your enemy is the enemy of my master!”
    • Kane: “What price do you ask?” Our allegiance is to only each other.”
    • Imp: “You must first agree…”
    • Imp: “…price to be named.”
    • Imp: “One does not negotiate with the Twinned Lord.”
    • Kane: “You ask for something extra when we already perform actions your master would see done anyway.”
    • Imp: “…”

Garrick: This deal will not include me…I will not deal with creatures of the hells regardless of their intentions

    • Imp: “I offer you one last chance…or the wrath of the bull-demon will seem as nothing compared to the anger unleashed by my master!”
    • Kane: I do not command those with me, but prove the value of your offer to me, and perhaps I will accept.
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