Urlvrain Makes a Request

  1. Morpheus lockpicks the door, and the heroes find
  2. Found Orontor hiding under the bed, saying he’d been hiding there for days
  3. Asked if the heroes had a place of refuge he could rest and eat at; asked for escort to safehouse.
  4. Orontor said he avoided Jhaelant to avoid upsetting Ulvrain
  5. There was some plot to overthrow Ulvrain Zerithian was a great commander of the troops, but was banished as part of a plot to overthrow Ulvrain
  6. Zerithian is from house Zanakos, the main house of the drow City, so his banishment was odd since he would have been a valuable hostage.
  7. Shortly after, the undead invasion began.
  8. The heroes decide to go speak with Ulvrain at the temple, bringing Orontor.
  9. On their way, they are assaulted by a band of undead, seemingly appearing through a reddish portal that faded away as battle is joined.
  10. During the fight, another blue abyssal portal appears in the air, reaching out with whispy tendrils to the damaged vrock; attracked by blood.
  11. Morpheus keeps the vrock at bay, as Isak and Garrick deal with the undead fodder.
  12. Odus confuses the vrock to attack it’s allies.
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