Useless and Ugly, Part II

D’Aro sat in a daze on the floor of the cavern. The sounds of Gish devouring her evil older sister could be heard faintly. He gazed around the dark cavern and his mind could not wholly accept the devastation and death he saw there.

Two dead bodies lay in a heap on the ground. Beloved Chaka seemed peacefully asleep. Guze the big man did not look restive in death. His face was contorted as if he was still fighting the dragon. Both were burned in several places by lighting and ozone still permeated the air. They died well, brave to the end. Hajama be proud, he whispered silently in prayer.

Su was bent over Guze, in some personal dialogue of grief. Tears streaming down his face. D’Aro thought he could see flames threatening to burst out of his eyes. He quickly looked away. This was a personal moment for the siblings. He was just an outsider. He joined them ostensibly to help them on their quest, but he had his own reasons as well. That they coincided was a great coincidence, or was it?

“Never shall I underestimate a dragon again!” he thought fiercely. His bumbling might have been the cause of their deaths, despite the fact that they emerged victorious. He understood his training was not complete, not by far, and he still had much left to learn in his quest to become what he was destined to be. He was not used to his failures causing harm to others though, this was a new bitter pill to swallow. “Fool and fool again” he whispered to himself bitterly.

He held the magic Cyclone weapon weakly in his hands, letting the tip dangle onto the ground. He could feel its magic pulsing and was slightly repelled by the weapon. It had its own desires and needs which were not in line with D’Aro. He could feel that clearly. While not intelligent, it hungered for something, it was pretty clear what that was. It was not a subtle device and would likely attract too much attention. Regardless, it was too powerful to dispose of. He felt an urge to jump onto Gish’s back and use the weapon to sever her head.

He nodded at Su, breaking his reverie. “What now?” he asked him.

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