Information Faruq gleans from The Lions of Tomorrow

Information Faruq gleans from The Lions of Tomorrow

Faruq cannot hide his eyebrow-raising smile when he hears that Batul was willing to give such a gift to the heroes to free Aunty. What an incredible gesture! Even the wealth the heroes have seen as guests in Batul’s estate did not make Faruq think Azizullah‘s father could make an offer such as THIS! Despite his excitement, Faruq tries his best not to be impolite and of course it’s Azizullah‘s role to respond but if the offer was made in front of Faruq he does a terrible job at hiding his nervous excitement at the prospect and his boundless gratitude that the struggle might, at last, be over. (can cover this later).

Ok so after reading that it’s clear that this book is incredibly valuable and has a ton of information to arm the Lions of Tomorrow to combat the Geomancers should they return. First of all; it seems like there’s little doubt Fate has chosen us now that Tisan may well be free.

What do you guys think? I think we should consider a means of protecting ourselves from the magic of the geomancers; Tisan may be making preparations quietly in the background. If the scarabs take this long to prepare, we should perhaps get working on them right now. Also; who do we trust to share this information and the crafting process with? What about Imam Ren? This is the guy who freed Kal from the burden of the cursed axe; and getting a glimpse into the magicks employed by the famous Suhail Min Zann should surely be interesting to him! (priesthood of knowledge and all).

Good call! Imam Renn is likely the most prominent cleric of Zann in Zakhara; in that role, he would be VERY interested in ‘Lions of Tomorrow.’ The importance of the work both religiously and historically cannot be overstated.

Also; can Faruq do an Arcana check after reading all of this (I am assuming there’s a lot of detail) as to whether something simple like carrying a vial of seawater is sufficient to impact geomancer divinations like scrying us? Or does it seem that’s the kind of thing scarabs are for?

I rolled for you. Faruq is certain that something as simple as a vial of seawater will not foil the divinations. Having said that, Faruq knows of other magical items that offer proof against detection and location.

Do you guys think it’s worth giving more though to why geomancer relics were never found on Afyal or Sahu? Is it as simple as “they’re islands” so being surrounded by water was enough to thwart Geomancer influence? Or maybe the other civilizations that scholars have found evidence of had magicks of their own to keep them free of Geomancer influence? Eric; are those islands currently inhabited by more than just the harbor towns on the map? Afyal is the one where we discovered the resting place of the Lions of Yesterday, right? Where the elephants were? They worshipped “The Forgotten One”, right? Can Faruq do a History check on the island of Sahu? Was it populated by those worshipping another of the old gods? It seems to have a number of locales on the map currently.

I rolled for you again. Don’t count on those locations; the map was supposed to be DM only, and some are there as plot hooks for DMs who might want them. You spent some time researching, and the general rumour seems to be that the Mad Padishah of Afyal wants to “conquer” Sahu. The “” are used because it’s not clear there’s anything there to conquer; it’s not even clear it’s inhabited. Sahu is known as the Isle of Serenity for precisely this reason.

Faruq seems uncharacteristically pensive after he divulges all he read in the book to his brothers. Clearly the weight of all of this is heavy on his 7 strength shoulders. You guys haven’t seen Sachiel in days and Faruq keeps re-reading the book as if he’s worried that he might miss some important detail; he’s coming to realize the scope of what lays before you all; and he does not think himself ready for such an undertaking.

Author: Eric