The Bonewood Forest

  • The heroes travel to the Bonewood Forest, one of the ‘sites of Tharizdun‘ as described in The Lays of Bar Strannach.
  • All the trees are ossified into white, calcified bone
  • Wandering through the forest, the heroes feel that they are closing in on them
  • They come across a horrible undead, fossilized treant
  • The tree is causing all of the corruption in the forest and animates to destroy the heroes
  • After the fight, Tempus remains horribly drained of his stamina and constitution and can tell already that this effect would not even be eased by the gift of Heirophylia
  • J’afrock shatters the dark swirling globe in the trees’ cavity, releasing more of Tharizdun‘s horrible essence
  • Many of the threes rever back to their normal forms, no longer ossified into bone
  • Spirits and screams can be heard deeper into the forest as the shadows released find more victims
Author: Eric