The Council of the Planes

The secrets of the Isle of Lost Souls are discovered, and those who have watched decide not to wait any longer

At the behest of Mordenkainen and Philidor the Blue, the heroes travel across the planes to a meeting unlike any other.

Gathered in an extra-dimensional stronghold, an array of good, neutral, and evil forces – all with a stake in the outcome of this cosmic game. – gather to discuss things on neutral ground.

Those in attendance:

  1. Mordenkainen (requested Kaelis to attend and chronicle the event)
  2. Philidor
  3. Nystul
  4. Drawmij
  5. Bigby
  6. Karoolck (accompanied by Khaal Wraath)
  7. Canon Hazen
  8. Arturs Jakarti
  9. Prince Xavener
  10. Graf Reydrich
  11. Rillikandren‘s initiate
  12. Some of the heroes of The Scourge and The Ministry
  13. … and others, I’m sure

  1. Mordenkainen stayed neutral
  2. Graf Reydrich spoke against the heroes – very distrusting
  3. Prince Xavener supported the heroes – seemed glad he didn’t have to play another role
  4. The Isle of Lost Souls yielded these results:
    • it was the last retreat of the Ur-Flannae
    • Acererak is imprisoned in the tomb (what does this mean?)
    • Baalshezidek went west to Geoff/Sterich
    • ba’atanna’ari codex <— something to do with this?
    • Vecna came back in time to change things?
    • Vecna achieved demigod status THEN tapped into the essence of Tharizdun
    • Vecna had a huge library on Chronomancy and Tharizdun (we have many of these books)
Author: Turnerbuds