Freed by J’afrock‘s band of outcasts and joined them. Had a few battles, but J’afrock said “You have potential, but you have to go out into the world and adventure, that’s where you’ll find your true mettle. Then come back to me after you have proven yourself.”

Character Stats:

  • Affiliation: Update
    Height: Update
    Weight: Update
    Age: Update
    Eyes: Update
    Race_id: 95
    Gender_id: 1
    Alive_dead_id: Update
    Hair: Update
    Skin: Update
    Alignment_id: Update
    Religion: Update
    Class1e: —
    Class2e: —
    Class3e: —
    Class35e: —
    Class4e: Warlord
    Class5e: TBD
    Level: 3
    Adv_company: The Assembly
    Campaign: Update
    Father: Update
    Mother: Update
    Sibling1st: Update
    Sibling2nd: Update
    Sibling3rd: Update
    Spouse: Update
    Child1st: Update
    Child2nd: Update
    Child3rd: Update
    Setting: GH


Author: Dave V

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