Now 5 There Are

  • We pick up the story, the heroes have rescued Kira and her infant child…
  • The heroes introduce themselves to Tyrion and Elias, then Aamraq takes Kyla and her child back to village
  • Militia meet them and take them back to the village Torinn moves door Elias flails throwing torch, then Tyrion fails too! Torinn tosses torch inside They can see bloody figures on the floor Sure they’re eaten old man & woman dead Tyrion goes in then Torinn , then Elias Aamraq guards entrance Varis checks out other crypt, but hears nothing Varis joins the group in the grisly crypt Tyrion studies the gems (perception) Torinn , then Varis, then Elias (it starts glowing) then Tyrion Varis & Tyrion stealth down the stairs
  • Aamraq carries torch
  • Man in grey robes tied down on slab with black skull on his chest
  • A purple glow seems to be coming from the skull two zombies, 2 skeletons & 2 ghouls turn on the heroes
  • Varis designates zombie as quarry & shoots 2 zombies & kills both
  • Tyrion walks in &^ ghouls move to attack him Elias slashes (Crit) a ghoul and healing surge for Tryion Varis executes skeleton ghouls attack Tyrion again Aamraq moves down & blades of astral fire to protect Tyrion and Elias but misses ghouls Elias attacks zombie & shifts Varis Torinn runs down & shoots skeleton but misses Varis misses Skeleton shoots Aamraq (3) Aamraq rebukes undead and kills a skeleton, pushing ghouls & dazing them both Elias saves vs. poison Torinn attacks ghouls, hits w/axe & breathes acid but misses both ghouls Tyrion saves Aamraq mantle of infidel & hits ghoul increasing -2 to -4 Elias cleaves through ghoul and finishes it off, granting bonus to Varis
  • Torinn recovers from immobilization Varis misses twice Tyrion cleave into ghoul (bloodied) Aamraq misses w/mantle Elias heals Torinn Torinn becomes mobile again (save) Varis hits ghoul Tyrion misses & hits 2nd (11) Ghoul attacks Tyrion Tyrion falls unconscious Aamraq misses again Elias swings & takes down Ghoul Varis runs over & stabilizes Tyrion Aamraq knocks skull off chest & unties captive Captive seems concerned about ghouls He introduces himself as Holt Nass’ nephew; Varan-Kall He makes mention of “Queen Protect them”… what queen is he talking about?
  • He admits to being a scholar first and foremost Says he acquired a book from a travelling salesman (& servant) Claims he didn’t know what skull does Onyx skull is a replica of a much more powerful item Elias finds map Torinn takes skull and wraps it in his pack Aamraq recognizes the mouth of Orcus as “going down through the maw” of Orcus Maybe used now by worshippers of raven goddess Salesman KNEW what he was doing! Thought the salesman was powerful
  • Varen kept saying “I had no idea” this would happen… hmmmm He describes the salesman as having dark sin, bald & the whisp of a beard said his bodyguard said nothing the whole time When examining the body we determined that the body had been feasted on, but his neck was broken first! varen is re-united with family white griffon inn whenever we want +50 gold each headed to the Theocracy of the Pale Tyrion is looking for Ninneran
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