Close to Kethra

Being truly thankful once again to Yorwords healing and kindness, Milo thought to himself for thinking this comment may be too soon, “u may look not so good, but u still have the touch”.

Milo couldnt help but feel grateful to be in the presence of such company. How they have rallied against impossible odds, and have become stronger in the process. After taking the time to find his center within himself, and taking a few deep breathes to steady his thoughts of Kethra being so near. So close.

His attention oddly enough was upon Mhardaveth. To gaze upon him with joyful disbelief. Replaying the stoic movements of the paladin in battle. At times, it’s as if Milo could not make out if the luminence was emitting from the sword or from Mhardaveth himself. What a gloooorious sight. Milo wondered if his boycrush was no longer on Carver… He soooo badasss.

His thoughts then turning to the scent of being close to Kethra. Ooooh she smells goooooood…

Author: Jonas