Category: Fiction/Short Story

These are NON-SESSION notes, but stories, excerpts, glimpses, clips, whatever to fill out the stories we’re telling.

Protected: The End of a Living Dungeon

Stone Thief Aftermath


Protected: Visions in Time

Protected: Not Quite as Advertised

Protected: The Serpent’s Tale, Part III


The Serpent’s Tale, Part II

The Serpent’s Tale, Part I

Staying at Anvil (or Forge?!)

The Fall of Hildebrande

Waiting for Cloud Giants

Interrogating a Rakshasa

Back and Forth!

Idris Looks for Answers

Waiting for you

A Job for Viper Celia

The Sword of Light: Reforged!

Protected: Against the Stone Thief

Interviewing Casila: Real or Fake?

New Learning: The Stone Thief

A Question of Morality

En Route

A Welcome Back to Hildebrande

I Must Return…

Attack Aftermath

A Premonition?


Resting & Reflecting

A Difference of Opinion


Protected: Slaying of the Basilisk

No Rest for the Wicked and the Good Don’t Need Any

Protected: Fate Still Follows


Seekers of the Lost: Ended


Protected: Exploring the Dream Theater

Protected: Leaving the Dead Vaults

Protected: Brewery Aftermath

A Leaf on the Wind

Where Do We Go From Here?

Lions of Tomorrow Notes from Kazerabet

Spilling the Beans

The Warehouse Aftermath

Protected: 2019-06-28-original

Protected: A Dragon…

Continuation from Our Story So Far

Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part III

Faruq Requesting An Audience

The Lions of Tomorrow

Not Strong Enough

Sulayman Describes First Meeting Mamoon



After the Bone Pavillion

The Dao of the Ferry

A Conversation

The Return to Huzuz: Printz

The Return to Huzuz: Roheen

The Return to Huzuz: Azizullah

Protected: Wahid Minaa (One of Us)

The Return to Huzuz: Kal

The Return to Huzuz: Faruq

Protected: A Debt Paid and a Woman Freed

Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part II


Equal Pay for Equal Work


A Miserable Day

Her First Mission

Fringe Benefit

A Hallowe’en Epilogue

My Deepest Sympathies

Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part I

Useless and Ugly, Part II

Useless and Ugly, Part I

The Frozen Cavern, Part 5

The Frozen Cavern, Part 4

The Frozen Cavern, Part 3

The Frozen Cavern, Part 2

The Frozen Cavern, Part 1

Among the Clouds

The Oasis

Life, Death, and Consequences in the Land of Fate

Not Much to Show For It


Protected: 2016-01-25-original

Another Diary Entry

In My Heart

The Cycle of Life, Death, and Renewal

Protected: 2015-11-22

Damn It All

Close to Kethra

Catching Breath

Escape from Castle Ravenloft

The Vistani Fortunes

Protected: AQ session

The Dream

A Journey Interrupted

Melissandre’s Diary

The Assault

Castle Naerytar

To Elturel!

What Lies Beneath…

Meditational Reflections

Aftermath – Leaving Greenest

Journal 40 Entry 29

Journal 40 Entry 28

The First Diary Entry

Rumble in the Temple #2

Let the Games Begin!

Dusk in the Camp

The Tribesman

Making Friends

40 Rescues & 1.5 Dragons

To the Keep!


We Fall, We Rise

The Tale of Jhaelant

New Faces


Old Pains and New Friends

Part XIV: The Story of Morpheus

Part XIII: The Arrival of Eranah

Part XII: Tunnel Rats

Part XI: The Warlord

Part X: The Invoker

Part IX: The Road to Gardmore

Part VIII: A Chance Encounter

Part VII: The Toll

Part VI: Friend or Foe?

A Vision of Death

Part V: Otherworldly Signs

Part IV: Fate’s Path

Part III: Clearing the Air

Part II: Revelations

Part I: The Red Star

The Rescued Prisoners


Protected: Erevas Says Goodbye

The Rebuilding Begins, Part III

The Rebuilding Begins, Part II

The Rebuilding Begins, Part I

The Bard and the Seeker

Platinum Revelation

Death to Undeath

Wrafton’s Inn


Leaving Thunderspire

Idle Musings…

Solomon Revealed!

Decisions & Doubts

Blinding Crimson

A Desperate Bargain

Return to the Hall

We Are So Close

Where One’s Life Leads

This Humbled Servant

Protected: Deeper Into the Keep

The Vampire Mind

Protected: Who is Solomon?


Protected: The Reckoning, Part Three

The Boy is Gone

Keep Them Safe

News from Celene

The Power Within

To Serve and Protect

The Road Goes Ever On

The Introduction

The Hidden Temple

Individual Glimpses

Brave Deeds

Protected: You Belong To Me Now

The Calm Before the Silverstorm – Part 1

Since then…


The Gatekeepers

Still… secrets…


Protected: The Trail of Five Darknesses

Protected: Triumph

Protected: The Mirror

Protected: The Last Day

Protected: The Ransom

Protected: The Search Goes Far Afield

Protected: … of Shades

Protected: … of the Shadowfell

Heathen – The End of Naarash

The Feywild

Somewhere Else on the Sea of Swords

Somewhere on the Sea of Swords

Berdusk, A Few Weeks Earlier

A Letter From Cobb


Protected: The Recurring Dream

In the Meantime…

Letters from a Stranger

Those Who Would Know

To Honour the Fallen

Protected: The Reckoning, Part Two

Protected: The Reckoning, Part One

Back in the World

Protected: The Mists of the Astral

An Unlikely Hero

Insight into the Prophecy

The End of His Charge

Protected: The Arena

The Lays of Bar Stranach

Who Then Shall Be Saved?

The Marriage of Tempus & Tamarina

Memories of Rauxes

Departing Letters

A Tempting Offer

The Ba’atan’nari Codex

Tsojcanth’s Journal

Summon the Master

The Dark Future

Protected: A Shadow Grows

The Dwarven Letter

Protected: The Test

Griften’s Followers

The Citadel of Serenity

A Warning


Protected: She Sustains Me

Stalking His Prey

The Wind Brings Change

Brotherhood of the Yellow Rose, The

Important Factions

The History of the Aerdi

Darnakurian’s Doom