Faruq Requesting An Audience

Located in the Pilgrims’ District, the tower of Adnan is built both for protection and for teaching. Rumour has it that Adnan built his tower in a single night, with the help of several tasked architect genies. The tower is supposed to have many enchantments upon it: creatures that use the ethereal plane for travel cannot pass through the walls,nor can one teleport through the walls. Apparently, there are only two conjuring rooms open to magical transport, and they are both allegedly guarded by genies.

Wudeiía bint Samia is an elven sha’ir and she is the one who greets you. She explains curtly that The Whisper that Thunders does not take “walk-ins.” She appreciates that one might want to apprentice under him, but it takes something special to be one of his students. You mention Cyclone of the Four Quarters, and that you know who had it last. This has an effect upon Wudeiía, and she promises to mention it and your name to the Master. You drop the names of both Raja and Shafazal. Wudeiía does not know the former but -does- know the latter: a former student who fled after stealing the Master’s Astrolabe of Enchantment. When you mention that you dealt with her, she seems even more impressed. While she can promise nothing, she feels certain the Master will accept the next time you drop by (the insinuation is that it might be a while).

Author: Turnerbuds