Griften’s Followers

Psion Students
  • Illiatic
  • Merros
  • Aramus
  • Mehlissis
  • Cirius
  • Doneasis

Honoured Apprentices

All of Griften‘s Students reside with him in the Citadel of Serenity. There they refine their skills and strive to reach new levels of understanding and discipline. They use their talents and gifts with and against one another to learn more about what they each can do, and how they might use their talents with others to better all of mankind.

Much of the training is done by other monks of the Yellow Rose; instructors of the various arts reside in the Citadel as well, but those listed here are the ones that Griften has either taken a special interest in or have shown the most potential in their training with him.

Author: Turnerbuds