Griften’s Unique Power(s)

Griften‘s Detonation Field
  • Mental AC: 4
  • PSP Cost: 55 / round
  • Area of Effect: 20 foot cube
  • Prerequisites: Molecular Agitation, Detonate, Disintegrate

Griften‘s Detonation Field is a violent and powerful extension of the Detonate power. While Detonate can cause any single inanimate object to explode, Griften‘s Detonation Field can destroy an unlimited number of objects in a specific area of effect that the psion creates. Invoking this power takes exceptional concentration, and is very costly to the psion.

In the first round of use, this power affects all objects that are one foot in length or bigger. In the second round in which an item remains in the area of effect, all items the size of one’s palm or bigger are affected. In the third round of this power, all items within the area of effect are affected, including all items made of cloth.

All affected items must save vs. Disintegration or be instantly detonated. Any object that fails its save will be utterly destroyed, and the exploding fragments will inflict 1d2 points of damage on everyone within the area of effect. (Save vs. Breath Weapon for half damage). If an object within the area of effect makes the save vs. Disintegration, it will not detonate, but on each subsequent round that the power is maintained, the item must make successive saves to avoid being destroyed.

Author: Turnerbuds