Xenoria Insaith


  • Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Salutation: –
  • Title: –
  • Race: –
  • Gender: –
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 5′ 9″
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: White
  • Affiliation:
  • Religion: Skahlehn
  • Alignment: Evil?
  • Level: –
  • Setting: Greyhawk

First, searching with Griften‘s brother Darin around old ruins. Most recently, Xenoria was found in the crypts below Skull City, where the reasons for her allegiance to Abi-Dalzam were made clear…

class2e, 3e, 3.5e, 4e: wizard (necromancer)

Xenoria Insaith is a tall, striking figure with raven-black hair and alabaster skin. She would seem beautiful if it weren’t for the fact that her dark eyes reflect no soul within, much to her Brother Griften‘s dismay. Xenoria used to live a fairly content if not happy life. Though never really connecting with her parents, she was uncommonly close to her brothers Griften and Darin. Always interested in things mystic herself, she did her best to help Griften develop his psionic powers as a child and was largely responsible for Darin‘s education as well. As a young woman of 17, she enrolled in the school of Magical Arts in Rel Mord, much to the dismay of her parents. She soon found the rigid and strict atmosphere stifling, however, and began looking elsewhere for tutoring. That was when she met the Baklunish sorcerer, Abi-Dalzam.

Taking her under his wing, Abi-Dalzam began teaching Xenoria the dark magics of necromancy, a school of magic forbidden at the school of magical arts in Rel Mord. Claiming prior commitments during the day, Abi-Dalzam agreed only to tutor her in the evenings, when he was free. Xenoria‘s constant nighttime excursions put a huge strain on her relationship with her parents and brothers; they believed she was trysting with some noble or such. One evening, despite his conscience’s exhortations not to, Griften followed Xenoria to the dark residence where she took her lessons. He was horrified at what he saw, but remained hidden, observing. As dawn approached, Xenoria finished her lessons and left to return to her homestead, wishing to arrive before her parents awoke. Griften remained, however, to see what kind of man held such power over his strong-willed sister. Stealing into the house, Griften followed at a distance to see if he could learn anything more from the darkly handsome Bakluni. Waiting until he was sure he was asleep, Griften finally summoned the courage to sneak a look into the sorcerer’s bedchamber… only to be aghast when he saw no bed at all but a coffin.

Griften ran all the way home, intent on confronting his sister. However, he did not want to alert his parents to what he had discovered, and so waited for Xenoria to leave for her lessons again that evening.

Startling her that night, he informed Xenoria of what he had seen, and pleaded with her not to return, fearing that she would eventually be turned into a vampiric minion of some kind. Xenoria coldly explained to Griften that she had always suspected as much, but didn’t care; she was learning more with Abi-Dalzam in one night than she could learn in a month at the school in Rel Mord. When Griften moved to physically restrain her from leaving, she incapacitated him with a Ray of Paralysis, a spell taught to her the night before, and left the homestead.

She never returned.

She did, however, continue to study under Abi-Dalzam, learning rapidly and becoming powerful in her own right. They moved their location to an old, abandoned castle in the Caliphate of Ekbir, where she continued her studies during the night and watched over his coffin during the day. This continued for quite some time until one day a great warrior astride a huge black roan horse arrived with a contingent of black armored knights. Abi-Dalzam tried to destroy the lot with a Death Spell but was shocked to find them immune to the spell’s effects. Frustrated, he used even more powerful magic, his dreaded Horrid Wilting spell, and again was astonished at their immunity. At this point, the leader gestured at Abi-Dalzam and the vampire suddenly found himself unable to move. Xenoria went to aid her master, but a dark elf woman suddenly materialized out of the shadows and held a stiletto at her throat.

The general in charge of the army outside the castle walls levitated up to where the necromantic duo lay. Introducing himself as Nicodemus Nightbinder, he bid welcome to Xenoria and Abi-Dalzam, who still was held by Nightbinder‘s magic. Nightbinder explained how there were like-minded individuals who were forming a faction that shared knowledge and helped each other with their individual goals. He then invited the two to join the group he referred to as “The Necromancers of Skahlehn.” When Nightbinder‘s spell wore off, Abi-Dalzam angrily refused, claiming he needed no such help. Xenoria went along with her master, though was intrigued by the offer. Nightbinder and his dark elf companion Greyanna left, taking their undead troops with them.

More time passed, and Xenoria continued to learn even more under her master. Then one day, a strange thing happened. A simple beggar, old and dressed in tatters, came by the keep, looking for food and shelter. Though at first she was going to expel the old man, something about him caused her to reconsider. She invited him in and found him to be a brilliant and observant conversationalist. After several hours of talk and tea, he took his leave, but not before saying, “Thank you, my dear. Please tell Abi-Dalzam that we still have much to discuss, he and I.”

When the vampire awoke that night, she quickly relayed the encounter to him. Visibly shaken, she only heard him mutter “Alhamazad…” Worried about what had happened, she asked if she should track down this beggar and destroy him. Abi-Dalzam laughed at her suggestion and said it was time to reconsider the offer made by Nicodemus Nightbinder all those months ago.

Xenoria is now a fervent and enthusiastic member of the Necromancers of Skahlehn. Being a member has let her meet more famous personages and learn more new magicks than she ever would have before, even with Abi-Dalzam. She has embraced Baalshezidek‘s cause completely and is envious that she could not receive spells from Skahlehn as a priestess. Nevertheless, her faith is strong, and when Nicodemus asked that some members aid him in deposing the religion of Thasmudyan, Xenoria enthusiastically signed up. Her ability to research is incredible and this has been her most potent weapon in her struggle against Tryiok.

In more recent times, she has felt longings for her family again. She has kept a watchful eye over her parents in Nyrond, and has enlisted her brother Darin in her crusade against the death knight. What role Darin will play is unknown, though Griften is understandably very concerned. Relations between Griften and Xenoria are strained at best. While the monk realizes that Xenoria‘s goal of destroying Tryiok is good, he fears she is doing irreparable damage to her soul with her methods, and he worries that will carry over to Darin as well.

Xenoria is confident without being condescending, and powerful without being tyrannical. She is highly stressed of late, feeling the incredible burden placed on her shoulders wearing her down. She also realizes that many of the other members of the Necromancers of Skahlehn have paid great prices for their power and she wonders when she will have to do the same. She also wonders what that price will be…

The heroes have encountered Xenoria since in her lair underneath the Academy of Necromancy in the City of Skulls. At long last, Griften‘s fears were proved justified, as Xenoria is now a fierce vampire; the price she once feared she’d pay for her power, paid in full… in blood.

Author: Eric