• Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: 9
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Age: 22
  • Hair: Long white
  • Eyes: –
  • Skin: –
  • Alignment: Good
  • Religion: –
  • Patron: –
  • Liege: –
  • Affiliation: –
  • Hero Group: The Winter Guard
  • Campaign: –
  • Setting: GH, Fringe
  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Spouse: –
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: –
  • 1e: Didn’t Exist
  • 2e: Didn’t Exist
  • 3e: Didn’t Exist
  • 3.5e: Didn’t Exist
  • 4e: Kensei
  • 5e: –
  • 13a: –
  • 13a 2e: –
  • PF 2e: –
  • Level: –

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What is it that makes this character unique?


Adventuring with The Winter Guard towards cleansing Gardmore Abbey of its evil.


The best word to describe Isak is solid. He is not a large man at just under six feet tall and fourteen and a half stone, yet there is no mistaking the strength in his frame. Isak is usually dressed in simple dark leather and his well-kept but dull armor; so much so the smell of sweat, iron, and oil seems to be permanently diffused into his skin. As with most mercenaries, Isak is never far from his weaponry, the most noticeable of which is his love for large, and intimidating blades. At second glance, the first tends to focus on the blades, one notices Isak’s shoulder-length hair which is so light that it is often mistaken for white (upon closer inspection, and under the right lighting, his hair is blonde), especially in contrast to his armor and swarthy complexion. This also tends to enhance his already piercing emerald green eyes.

  • Isak is a quiet individual who could be easily mistaken as sullen. This comes from being a child of war, surrounded by death and soldiers who understand words are unnecessary.
“Kings once said that words are the most powerful weapons of all to be used, to which the Soldier argues, “Then when you are silent you are useless.”

Emotionally Isak is like the eye of a storm … an island of calm no matter what chaos surrounds him. It is this trait that has kept him alive through countless battles.

In battle, Isak only understands 2 rules; the first is that no one is left behind, and the second is to never forget those who sacrifice their lives for their fellow soldiers. These rules may appear contradictory to those who have not seen war, but to the career soldier, it is understood that there are no absolutes beyond death.

  • Isak smiles while he fights.

Due to his natural strength, Isak entered the local garrison at the young age of twelve and was trained to protect the village from the marauding barbarian tribes. Eventually, Isak enlisted in Nyrond’s Northern Army where his penchant for bringing the pain saw him in the heavy infantry; an infantry whose sole purpose was keeping the most contested fronts flowing in blood. After years at war, and witnessing countless comrades never return, Isak left the constant din of battle to settle for the more relaxed and luxurious life of a mercenary. It was during this time that Isak met Solomon as he accepted simple jobs that kept him near the village and unbeknownst to others, near Solomon’s wife whom Isak secretly loved.


Where do they live?


Currently, Isak is traveling with Odus and Garrick, friends from his home village of ???, and Kane, a new acquaintance mixed up with the mysterious developments surrounding Solomon. Following their exploits in Winterhaven, they have been dubbed the “The Winter Guard”.


Solomon Van Buren and Fatale the Witch.


Isak is currently helping solve the mystery behind Solomon’s disappearance, and, more importantly, avenge the death of Solomon’s wife. Isak‘s only long-term goal is to ensure that he dies a soldier’s death: spitting in Death’s face with his last breath while his blade is buried to the hilt in his foe’s body.

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