Category: The Winter Guard

Protected: Following Nuzbok Through Portal to Gardmore!

From the Shadows

What Lies Beneath…

We Fall, We Rise

The Tale of Jhaelant


Protected: King of the Slaves

Protected: Urlvrain Makes a Request

Protected: In Search of Orontor

Old Pains and New Friends

Across the Chasm

Silencing the Competition

Strange Metal Disc Amulet

Protected: To the Catacombs!

Answers Under Fire

Protected: Talisman to Enter Radigast Catacombs

Protected: Radigast City

Letter: Hallomak to the Black Eagles

The Defender of Phaervorul

Protected: Az’blaaaaan

Protected: Rogues & Dragons

Letter: Hallomak to Dragonborn Group

Protected: Stone & Slime

Protected: Compensating the Dark Elves

Spies Among Us

The Gardmore Council Meeting

No One Makes Me Bleed My Own Blood


missed session?

Letter: Kelana Dhoram to Ernest Padraig

The Fog Starts to Clear…

Axe Yo’ Self

What Are They Up To?

MUSIC: Piss On U

The Githyanki Threat

Killing Krom

Krom – RIP

The Rescued Prisoners

The Orc Threat

An Intercepted Letter

Closing the Portal

Letter: Hallomak to The Winter Guard

Protected: Inherit THIS!

Worst. Timing. Ever.


Izera: Highlights & Bloopers

Izera: Wish List

Izera: The History

Izera of the Vault

Protected: Erevas Says Goodbye

The Rebuilding Begins, Part III

The Rebuilding Begins, Part II

The Rebuilding Begins, Part I

The Finale at Gardmore

Defending the Tower

The Assault Begins

The Cleansing

Table Top FTW

Making Plans

Protected: Dragonado!

Got Any Eights? Go Fish!

Resident Evil

Demonic Savage Minotaur: Epic Boy Scout!

An Alliance Takes Shape

Erevas: Highlights & Bloopers

Erevas: Wish List

Erevas: The History


Frozen in Time

The Tower of the Wizard

The Bard and the Seeker

Behold THIS!

Mystery, Menace, Madness!

Platinum Revelation

Maldrick Returns!

Death to Undeath

The Source of the Corruption

More Than Just Ghouls

Secrets the Dead Keep

The Catacombs

The Dragon’s Roost

Wrafton’s Inn

A Just Claim

Exploring the Feygrove

Reporting In

The Gardmore Forest


MUSIC: Here We Come

Gardmore Abbey


Return to Winterhaven

Mordekai: Highlights & Bloopers

Mordekai: Wish List

Mordekai: The History


Leaving Thunderspire

MUSIC: Orbital

Idle Musings…

The Fall of Paldemar

The Tower of Mysteries

Terrlen, Unleashed!

Solomon Revealed!

MUSIC: Failure

Finally… Maldrick

The Guardian

Decisions & Doubts

A Storm on the Horizon

Protected: The Bell

Blinding Crimson

The Knife

MUSIC: Wifey

The Mask

MUSIC: Solar

MUSIC: Soaring

The Proving Grounds

The Well of Demons

A Desperate Bargain

Confusion and Chaos

Protected: A Dead End

Return to the Hall

We Are So Close

Confrontation with Murkelmor

Not Among Them

Back for More!

Murkelmor Must Die

Another Session

Protected: Where Are the Slaves?

Solomon’s Secrets

MUSIC: Our Travels Thus Far

Un Autre Session

Protected: The Forest

Where One’s Life Leads

Protected: The 7-Pillared Hall

Protected: Follow the Pink Rapier

This Humbled Servant


Another Session

Don’t Trust Goblins!

Protected: Deeper Into the Keep

Notes: Winterhaven

The Vampire Mind

Session #7

Session #6

Session #5

Session #4

Session #3

Session #2

Protected: Who is Solomon?

Odus: Highlights & Bloopers

Odus: Wish List

Odus: The History


Kane: Highlights & Bloopers

Kane: Wish List

Kane: The History


Isak: Highlights & Bloopers

Isak: Wish List

Isak: The History


Garrick: Highlights & Bloopers

Garrick: Wish List

Garrick: The History



Legion: Highlights & Bloopers

Legion: Wish List

Protected: Legion: The History


Protected: Snakes… Why Did It Have to be Snakes?