Let the Games Begin!

The heroes create a grand diversion to try and escape the cultist camp with the prisoners and Leosin.

so last session:

Luther, Scribe and Arobyn donned the Dragonclaw outfits and pretended to be them while the other 2 hid in tents. There was a long enough discussion about the next step that it moved into dinnertime and a cultist eventually trekked over carrying plates of food for the respected Dragonclaw guards. This poor sap recognized Luther almost at once and he was savagely murdered by an arrow to his penis region. Arobyn rather crassly ate the food that had spilled on the ground and mixed with the cultist’s blood (not true).

Finally, a plan was hatched. By this time the drinking and revelling began in the camp. Taking advantage of this, the party split up. Luther and Arobyn walking arm in arm with a cultist corpse (I know – disgusting) walked into the kobold area where a game of target practice was just beginning. Luther taunted the assembled kobolds and then dropped the corpse and yelled out a murderous accusation about them killing the cultist. They then proceeded to one-shot several kobolds while whipping them into a frenzy. Arobyn managed to shoot into a tent and kill two at once.

Meanwhile, Scribe went to a human area and started bad-mouthing the kobolds and taking advantage of the drunken humans and their hatred of the kobolds. This was timed perfectly with the Arobyn and Luther running back leading a train of angry kobolds to the human tents. A crazy melee ensued.

Foluwa took advantage of this time to Come to America. No really he let the prisoners go and they climbed up the cliff walls to safety. Whisper snuck off to find Leosin, who had been badly beaten etc. He didn’t want to leave since he fancied himself some sort of badass spy (loser) but she forced him to after she gave him a quick reach around hand job (not true). Reluctantly he let her lead him up the cliff walls and gave them rather useless info about the camp and the cult.

As they gathered together at the top of the cliff walls to flee, they could hear the roaring angry voice of Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. They led the group back to Greenest where they were again given a heroe’s welcome.

That night Scribe had his first wet dream. One of the prisoners was heard asking Foluwa if he was a grower or a shower. Foluwa didn’t understand the question and offered the prisoner a yam. Then he said ‘call me Toby’.

Author: Caelynn (User)